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Fire Safety Consultancy

OBW Technologies engage with consultancy firm RUSHBROOK to carry out a wide range of fire safety consulting including:

  • Life safety fire risk assessments; (BAFE Certified to SP205-1)
  • Design and verification of fire detection and alarm systems to BS 5839-1; (BAFE certified to SP203-1)
  • Fire safety design for new and existing buildings; including performance based design of fire safety precautions (means of escape, compartmentation, structural fire protection, smoke control etc)
  • Specification, design and verification of fire protection systems, including systems for equipment, process or data centre protection using gaseous extinguishing agents such as FM200, watermist and CO2
  • Explosive atmospheres assessments and hazardous area classifications (ATEX/DSEAR);
  • Gas detection design and evaluation, including ventilation assessments of exhausted enclosures
  • Insurance loss prevention & property fire protection risk assessments
  • Expert Witness


Recent Projects:

  • Fire investigation on Petrojarl 1, Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam
  • Fire detection design projects for Seagate Technology including aspirating smoke detection for cleanroom, visual alarm devices, sounders and smoke detection – 2015-2016
  • Gaseous fire suppression projects for wet bench and semiconductor process equipment for Seagate Technology, Senstronics, Texas Instruments and NXP Semiconductors. 2014-2016
  • Gas detection system evaluation for Analog Devices including advice on location and type of detection, and training is gas safety 2014-2015
  • Fire Life Safety Consultant to Seagate Technology, Northern Ireland since 2000, providing consulting on all aspects of fire life safety and fire protection
  • Fire Life Safety projects for Texas Instruments, Scotland 2014-2016, including fire risk assessment, DSEAR evaluation including a review of natural and process gas systems, gas detection type and location.
  • Fire life safety projects, DSEAR evaluations & Exhaust Ductwork Design for Compound Semiconductors, England 2014-2016
  • Fire risk assessments of various properties under relevant legislation in Scotland, Northern Ireland and England including Glasgow City Building, 3M plc, Compound Photonics UK, Seagate Technology, & Texas Instruments
  • Expert witness instructions related to fire safety and fire protection systems
  • Risk Engineering Consultant to Samsung Electronics (Semiconductors) Korea 2000-14
  • Risk Engineering Consultant to Beijing Opto Electronics 2010
  • Risk Engineering Consultant to LG Electronic 2005-2007
  • Risk Engineering Consultant to LG LCD 2005-2007
  • Risk Engineering Consultant including process equipment fire protection design and sprinkler specification for Philips Semiconductors UK, Netherlands Germany & China 2003-2006
  • Expert Witness University of Southampton, Cleanroom Fabrication Facility Fire 2005

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