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Fire Sentry SS2 Flame Detector

Fire Sentry SS2 Flame Detector

Product Details

These multi-spectrum flame detectors sense radiant energy in the ultraviolet (UV), visible and WideBand InfraredTM (IR) spectrum.

The Fire Sentry SS2-AM and Fire Sentry SS2-AML are the ultra-high speed digital Multi-Spectrum optical models of the Fire Sentry SS2 UV/IR Flame Detectors. These detectors feature ultra-high speed responses to explosive fires and are typically used in munitions production, explosives production and special applications.

The field of view for the Fire Sentry SS2 Flame Detector is the widest in the industry with a 120° cone of vision. This means each detector can cover more hazard area. Greater sensitivity also increases the volume covered by each detector, up to four times more than some other detectors.

Using sophisticated microprocessor signal processing algorithms with complete spectrum information, virtual immunity to false alarms from arc welding, corona discharge and other common UV sources is achieved.

Features and Benefits:

Fire Sentry SS2-A and SS2-AN:

Multi-Spectrum senses ultraviolet, visible and WideBand IR™

• Detects hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon based fires
• Wide field-of-view and solar blind
• Greatest sensitivity with false alarm immunity
• Microprocessor abased algorithms: FirePic™ and Tri-Mode Plot™
• Wide temperature range of operation
• Explosion-proof housing
• Proven in worldwide applications
• FS2000™ System compatible or standalone operation
• Compatible with approved fire alarm panels


Fire Sentry SS2-AM and SS2-AML:


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