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As a successful supplier of gas detection systems, Honeywell Analytics also offers complete Life Safety Network solutions for semiconductor FABs. Sensing devices are strategically installed around the facility to monitor potentially dangerous situations and initiate safety actions.

Potentially dangerous situations in a FAB are:

• Toxic gas leaks

• Chemical spills in sumps

• Double containment leaks

• Exhaust flow failures

• Liquid leaks

• Pressure drops

• Active EMOs

• Fire signals

• Tool troubles

• Earthquakes, etc.

lonworks-diagramFurthermore, the Honeywell Analytics Life Safety Network interfaces with tools such as chemical dispense modules, chemical valve boxes, gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes and production tools. Honeywell Analytics utilises a decentralised Life Safety Network based on the LonWorks® technology with intelligent network nodes for the communication platform between the sensing devices and actors.

All Honeywell Analytics network components are especially designed, developed and produced by Honeywell Analytics with a very high standard of safety features.

The network structure is designed for a fail-safe operation and offers the advantage of placing sensing or acting devices close to the point where life safety signals need to be integrated or a shut down needs to be initiated.

FAB Overview

All relevant life safety signals can be easily monitored and analysed by our intelligent network system components.

Digital and analogue input modules analyse incoming signals and send messages to the corresponding relay output modules in order to activate actions.

Satellite XT utilises a unique, intelligent electro­chemical sensor for the detection of toxic, corrosive and combustible gases. Each Satellite XT features complete programmability and sends a message to any relay output module in the network. The Comet is a cost efficient solution for gas detection when a read-out of the concentration is not necessarily required. As it can be mounted directly on the exhaust line, a sensor extension is not required.

The iDisplay offers a status overview of the gas room or specific area. The iDisplay provides information of different inputs and outputs coming from Satellites, digital or analogue input modules or relay output modules.

The Web DVS provides data visualisation for sub-systems and specific areas of the network.

All Life Safety Network information is made centrally available in the control room by our Data Visualisation Software (DVS). Life safety components are represented by active icons, exactly positioned in on-screen facility drawings. The DVS allows for a quick and simple tracking of any event and provides data archiving of all life safety signals.

Honeywell Analytics’ Life Safety Network also interfaces with the Facility Control and Management Systems (FCMS).

Possible Input and Output Signals in Honeywell Analytics’ Life Safety Network:

Clean Room Area:


  • Gas detection (Satellite XT, Comet)
  • Liquid leak detection
  • Tool trouble


  • Shut down gas supply
  • Activate strobes
  • Activate horns


VMB Area:


  • Gas detection (Satellite XT, Comet)
  • Pressure detection
  • Liquid leak detection
  • VMB trouble


  • Valve shut down (stick and main valve)


Gas Cabinet Area:


  • Gas detection (Satellite XT, Comet)
  • 4-20 mA weight scale
  • Cabinet trouble
  • Pressure detection
  • UV detection
  • Flow detection
  • EMO


  • Valve shut down
  • Activate strobes
  • Activate horns