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Scope Of Work Tank Level Gauging

Product Details

SITRANS Probe LR is a 2-wire, 6 GHz pulse radar level transmitter for continuous monitoring of liquids and slurries in storage vessels with nominal pressure and temperature, to a range of 20 m (66 ft).


  • Uni-Construction polypropylene rod antenna standard
  • Easy installation and simple start-up
  • Programming using infrared Intrinsically Safe handheld programmer, SIMATIC PDM or HART handheld communicator
  • Communication using HART
  • Process Intelligence signal processing
  • Extremely high signal-to-noise ratio
  • Auto False-Echo Suppression of false echoes


  • The Probe LR is ideal for applications with chemical vapors, temperature gradients, vacuum or pressure, such as simple chemical storage or water treatment vessels. SITRANS Probe LR has a range of 0.3 to 20 m (1 to 65 ft).
  • Probe LR is designed for safe and simple programming using the Intrinsically Safe handheld programmer without having to open the instrument’s lid. It has a standard Uni-Construction polypropylene rod antenna that offers excellent chemical resistance and is hermetically sealed. The Uni-Construction antenna includes an internal, integrated shield that eliminates vessel noz-
    zle interference.
  • SITRANS Probe LR incorporates Process Intelligence signal processing. The Probe LR also has a high signal-to-noise ratio leading to improved reliability.
  • Start-up is easy with as few as two parameters for basic operation. Programming is simple using SIMATIC PDM, HART handheld communicator or the Intrinsically Safe handheld programmer.

Key Applications: chemical storage, wastewater wet well, and drilling mud