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Social Distancing Tag

P2P Social Distancing Tag

Product Details

OBW Technologies have launched a Proximity Alarm for all businesses. When an employee comes within 2 metres the alarm vibrates so the user can be warned that they are too close.

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Features and Benefits

  • Adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines.
  • Reduces Person-to-Person Contact.
  • Ensure Safe & Consistent Distancing is
  • Quick to Deploy to Workers at a Job Site
    or Workplace.
  • Actively Warns Workers through Vibration.
  • Full 360 degree Detection Zone.
  • Uses Reliable Active RFID Technology.
  • Fast Recharging Embracing the Convenience of Wireless Charging.
  • Option to Integrate with Hi Viz Jacket.
  • Encourages Spacial Awareness.
  • Improves Site Health & Safety.

Rechargeable Devices

Quickly recharge P2P Social distancing Tag embracing the convenience of Qi wireless charging. Charge individual or multiple devices without connecting wires or replacing batteries.

Active Radio Frequency Technology

The P2P Tag uses proven and reliable Active RFID technology. It complements existing ZoneSafe proximity warning systems trusted by customers globally within manufacturing, construction, waste & recycling, utilities, warehousing, distribution, and aviation.

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