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Honeywell SPM Flex

Honeywell SPM Flex
Scope Of Work Fixed Gas Detection, Portable Gas Detection, Odour Monitoring

Product Details

With the SPM Flex, it’s never been easier to keep your people safe and your operations running. Improving safety and productivity with the most flexible, user friendly tape based gas detector for low – level toxics.

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The SPM Flex, the next evolution of our SPM and TLD gas detectors with Chemcassette tape technology, is capable of working as both a fixed and a portable unit. The monitor detects the ultrasensitive gases inherent in your operations, including:

  • Hydrides
  • Mineral acids
  • Oxidizers
  • Amines

The Chemcassette tape technology shows the presence of gas quickly and definitively with a physical record. So you can prevent costly downtime from false alarms.

The SPM Flex, capable of working as both a fixed and a portable unit, is an important addition to your toxic gas monitoring system. Use it to investigate suspected leaks, or, if you have a monitoring point that’s out of service, use the SPM Flex to replace it — with the option to plug it in or use the long-lasting battery.

When your crews need to perform maintenance on a process tool, they can take the SPM Flex with them to ensure safety while they work. With full data logging and an industry-leading gas selection, you’ll always have the assurance that your staff is safe every day, all day.

Features & Benefits

  • Visible at a distance with crisp, colorful LED bar on top of unit
  • Remote viewing through the web
  • Stands up to harsh conditions


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